about "Gift"

I feel workshops, events, lectures are hard to decide value by amount. The thought of the organizer, the thought of the participants, the speaker, the thought of the cast. There is a difference in each of them. Everyone's expectations are different, experiences are different, and the quality of what we receive is different. The judgment of value always involves subjectivity. Value judgment and evaluation are always changing. When interacting through money, I would like to learn from the relationships among living creatures other than humans, ecosystems and the natural world, and the lives that live in the universe. The sun is shining without taking utility expenses. Wind, sea, and river are not living considering expenses and rewards. Bees do not get guarantees from the flowers that are pollinated. There is a relationship beyond consideration "exchange" to the universe. We are "sharing" all together. This is a natural state. ... If possible, I would like to set up the participation fee for workshops and events freely. The reason is that I want to respect the freedom of choice. Workshops and events are also hard for me to give fixed values. I am preparing for the workshop while feeling "what participants want". Then, while listening to participants' self-introductions and "what they want", I am making an effort to make the maximum contribution I can do according to them. To this act I am trying, it is very difficult for me to price it. In organizing a workshop, I would like to be true to what I can offer, what I can contribute, rather than the feeling of seeking a return and the sense of providing something with equivalent exchange. I expect that you will decide how much energy you want to present for this activity rather than "equivalent exchange". I hope that relationship between us is not "relationship to make equivalent exchanges" but a connection with "consciousness of giving gifts to each other's future and activities". To the end, I would like to have a relationship to whom I express my thoughts and love. I would like to contribute to each other's activities by bringing in a pure feeling of "I want to contribute to the world". It may be difficult to think about such various things. However, it is important for us to carefully and consciously review our consciousness in order to change the society brought by "convenience" that encourages stopping thinking. It is not going to wait for change, but to become the desired change. It is a kind of challenge and adventure. I would be happy if I could enjoy the adventure with you.